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Mobile For LIfe
Your Complete Guide How To Live And Be Independent When You Have To Stop Driving:  For older drivers and their family or carers. 
  • Spot When Driving Is Difficult. Learn the warning signs (self assessment included)
  • Navigate Complex Government Programs Easier to get transport help you need
  • Build A Family Action Plan so you can be mobile and do the things that matter to you (templates included)
  • How To Have A Successful Conversation with your loved one about their driving performance (therapist tips and guide)
  • Want A Driving Assessment? Learn what is the best driving assessment for you.
  • Learn How Protect Your Independence: Includes Personal Action Plan Template.
  • Get Vehicle Fit: Small changes that can help older drivers (low cost) 
Best For:
Carers, Friends, Family, Clients
Train Your Brain Better
A brain optimising program is for people who want to improve their brain performance. A 30 day online program shows you how to:
  • Save your money and focus on a few brain training exercises that matter (no more long subscriptions)
  • Improve your brain skills that decline as you get older. Like a gym workout plan but with brain benefits
  • Use the one brain training exercise, backed by science, to be heads and shoulders better than any other
  • Improve memory and speed of mental processing skills which is observed to decline with ageing
  • Set yourself up for sustained brain performance for the long term
  • Reduce your lifetime risk for severe memory loss. You become the pilot of your own brain health performance
Memory Health Check Up
Memory Health Check Up is a micro-training that shows you how to:
  • Identify your memory health threats
  • Check your current diet to see if it's adding to your risk for memory loss
  • Spot the daily habits which are helping or harming your memory and thinking skills.
  • Build a personalised "Stop Avoidable Memory Loss" action plan 
Intermediate to Advanced
Memory Health Fast Masterclass
4 Video Trainings, over 1.5 hours covering how to prevent memory loss in practical science-backed strategies
  • Be clear how to apply the simple actions to achieve better brain health and help prevent memory loss, FAST.
  • Apply the 9 Life Changing Principles and actions most people overlook to help prevent memory loss. 
  • Take control of the 12 Factors For Memory Loss and what to do about them
  • No prior knowledge is needed: At the end of the masterclass you can start taking action right now, not tomorrow.
  • Gives you a quick start Memory Health strategy for the next 30 days
Beginner to Intermediate
Therapy Sheet System
Organising your therapy when battling health conditions can be overwhelming. Make it easier with the therapy sheet system.
  • Organise your therapy in one place
  • Cut down on the sheets of paper
  • System to organisae your therapy
  • Learn from David who has applied this with many clients
Best For:
Clients, Carers and Health Professionals
I Want To Help You Stop Avoidable Memory Loss
Grab the cheat sheet to Stop Avoidable Memory Loss that's been shared with hundreds of people worried about memory loss. Takes them from the fear of not "doing it right" to clarity on what brain health actions work without lost days and hours of trawling over the internet.

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