Hi, I'm David Norris
I am the Creator & Founder of Memory Health Academy.

I've been helping people worried about memory loss or living with a neurological condition get on the right path to live better for over 20 years.

I've a clinical practice that serves people who are living with memory and thinking changes. It was from here that I started sharing with small groups what people can do to prevent, restore and overcome brain based conditions. 

Now, after helping 1000s of people I want to create a place for people maybe much like you have access to science backed programs and training.  

But you know, things were not always that way...
Things Were Not Always That Way...
After 4 years at university, when I first started out as an occupational therapist, I really had no idea what I was doing.  But I was extremely fortunate to have mentors and supervisors who helped me develop my clinical skills. Without them, I would not be here today.

In those early days, now over 20 years ago, for my clients living with severe memory loss I was always struggling to get any kind of result. Well, the results that truly mattered, that made life easier, better. 

I tried a lot of different things. I reached out to other colleagues… I knew that by asking the right questions would help me get to a better place and ultimately help my clients…

For many of my clients, I was seeing them after the bad news about their health and their lives' were starting to unravel.  I was constantly playing catch with a lot of "I wish they knew this or that" so that "this wouldn't be happening to them".

I knew that this was not sustainable and couldn't go on like this.
So, I committed my career to understanding aging and the brain and all that we can do to protect it, help it recover and mitigate the impact when conditions start to impact a person' life. 
I started my Neurotherapy and Memory Health Clinic with the vision to stop avoidable memory loss and to help those living with brain based conditions to live better. 

I spent a fortune on books, training, masterminds and private coaching, and of course continued professional development.  I've built wonderful friendships through my podcast journey. Now, I am confident that I and my guest expert educators can share with you what helps and what doesn't.

Fast Forward To Today
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than sharing with others what they can do to take control of their brain health destiny. 

And let me tell you, after seeing people struggle for so many years it's our mission to share with as many people as possible:
  • What action they can take to stop avoidable memory loss (the sooner the better)
  • Take control and overcome the impact of their brain based health condition like dementia, Parkinson's disease or MS 
  • Families and Care Providers to be confident in what they are doing is helping their loved one or client as best they can.
  • Health professionals to sharpen their clinical knowledge as my mentors did for me
Through Learning We Can Become
Make no mistake, this certainly did not happen overnight and not without the help of my peers. Those people who are pioneering the science and evidence. I am not a scientist, I am not your therapist, instead the Memory Health Academy is the information hub, the coaching centre to help people overcome, thrive and live better.

The mission is to help people, maybe just like you, get clarity, purpose, direction and support. So you can stop the double guessing, the frustration and overwhelm when facing the threat of a neurological condition or changes to your thinking and memory skills. 

The programs we've put together have helped hundreds of people worried about their memory, those living with a neurological condition, their families and health care professionals.

But don't take my word for it...
Some Love From "Memory Health Warriors"
C. Franci
Have told my friends is a must for their bucket list. I am certainly going to change how I live my life.
B. Eastcoe
We are so bombarded by information now days that it becomes overwhelming. Having a framework to put it into helps make sense of all this information. It made you want to think about your life and to make changes.
H. Rose
Want to stay sharp? Considering retirement? Whatever your situation in life – this is a must to get up on what is needed for brain and memory health.
Who Is The Academy Best For: Is This You?
Battling With The Life Impact Of A Neurological Condition Or Memory Changes
Unclear On How To Best Help And Support A Loved One And Want To Learn What You Can Do
Frustrated By Limitations And Lack Of Support To Advance Your Neuro and Cognitive Therapy Skills
Ready To Make The First Step?
Change From: "I wish I knew what to do for my ___________ ?"
To "I'm absolutely clear on what I need to do for my ___________ with a straight forward plan and know how"
With leading memory and health educators"
To Your Success,
- David
What's The Next Step To Help You?
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I Want To Help You Stop Avoidable Memory Loss
Grab the cheat sheet to Stop Avoidable Memory Loss that's been shared with hundreds of people worried about memory loss. Takes them from the fear of not "doing it right" to clarity on what brain health actions work without lost days and hours of trawling over the internet.

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